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The AWP is a Sniper Rifle in ZombsRoyale.io. It only spawns as a Mythic.

Info on AWP[]

The AWP is a Bolt-Action rifle that shoots bullets that deal 80 damage, and it also gives you the FOV of a Crossbow. The AWP is only found in airdrops, and is a mythic sniper.


  • The AWP is very powerful if used correctly. Due to its slow ROF and lack of spread, the AWP is difficult to use.
  • When your enemy is hiding on the other side of a building you can through a regular impulse through both of the windows and push sideways from cover and snipe your enemy.
  • Use the AWP at the longest range as possible, that is where no one would expect your bullet to hit them so easily. A good 80 damage bullet will typically drain enemies to 120-20 health, leaving them extremely vulnerable.
  • Unlike the Vector or MG36, the AWP is a rather slow weapon, you may have to accept losing the match if multiple enemies desperately attack you for the weapon if it’s the only thing you’ve got.
  • In case you miss your shot, you should quick-switch (if you are good at it) to avoid the slow speed when reloading. Preferably to an AR for the finishing or supportive shots. If you are extremely lucky, you could pair the AWP with a Scoped M4. Another way to make up to missed shots predicted by your enemy is to back away and change position to cause extreme confusion.
  • You can hold out an AWP when opening another Airdrop or trying to claim the Trident. You may also do this for your teammates to make sure you are not sniped in the process.
    • If you see an enemy healing, picking up a knocked enemy, or trying to claim something that takes a few seconds to do so in an unsafe position, you can easily snipe them out of the game! Try to pair the AWP with some sort of AR in case you miss or your enemy survives the shot.
  • Watch out when reloading, try to back into cover when doing so. You will be slowed down and left vulnerable for one second to easily get hit.
  • Attack enemies stuck in the water, they are easy kills since the water greatly slows their speed down.
  • Don’t hold out this weapon when trying to run away. Doing so will just make you more heavy and easier to chase because of the slowed down speed.


  • Along with the other Airdrop weapons is the only weapon to make one appearance at a mythic level.
  • This weapon has the longest FOV in the entire game, surpassing the FOV of the Zombies.
  • In size, it is the largest weapon in the game, even larger than the second place Dragunov.
  • AWP with its name formed into actual words is Arctic Warfare Police and is part of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare.
  • Along with the Bolt-Action Sniper, Crossbow, Dragunov, RPG and Thor's Hammer has the smallest mags in the game.