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The AR-15 is a burst AR in ZombsRoyale.io. It spawns as Uncommon and higher.

Info on AR-15[]

The AR-15 is an Assault Rifle that occur slightly faster than other ARs and has a longer reach than all of them. Which makes it good at long range battles. However, the damage is less than that of an M4, but the bullets also travel at a higher speed.


  • The AR-15 is simply a go to weapon for everyone. Beginners should use this weapon when learning how to deal with close and long range battle since the bursts are fired out so quickly.
  • This all-round AR can have the potential to surpass the DPS of the SCAR, which makes it great for destroying structures that enemies may try to use for cover.
  • It is best to spam the AR-15 by holding down the right click as it deals a pretty good consistent damage and shoots much faster than the AK.
  • Multiple enemies can be very easily dealt with, as the AR-15’s fast rate of fire will easily help you defend yourself from them and you can do this at a long distance where you are safer, thanks to the extremely long range of the AR-15.
  • Since the bullets travel so fast, it tends to slightly knock back a player when they physically contact with them. This is great for defending yourself against people who tries to snipe you, as knocking them off balance constantly from the fast ROF from the side will give them trouble aiming their shot, plus, the long range can help you reach them from a fairly long distance.
  • Sometimes, this weapon is preferable over the SCAR, but this is mostly opinion as both it and the SCAR have their own advantages over each other.
  • The AR-15 is a great backup weapon for Sniper Rifles, either as a finishing weapon, a weapon for immediate backup, or for weakening a target to then snipe their last bit of health.


  • Belief: The AR-15 seems to look like a fully semi-automatic Assault Rifle. However, if you look closely, the AR-15 does not shoot similar to a SCAR or M4. Instead, it shoots extremely rapid bursts of 3 bullets. The fact that it shoots so fast is what makes it hard to notice.
  • The previous two skins of the AR-15 appeared to resemble the real life LAR-15 rifle or a DPMS AR-15, created by a company called "Rock River Arms."
  • The AR-15 fires as many bullets as an MP5 in one second. Despite this, the MP5 is still slightly more ideal for short range, the AR-15 is therefore, the fastest firing AR with the Silenced AR-15 by its side.