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The AK is one of the weapons in ZombsRoyale.io, just like all ARs, it spawns as Uncommon and higher.

Info on AK[]

The AK is a Burst Assault Rifle. Instead of shooting in a continuous stream, it shoots in quick bursts of 3 shots. It does a lot of damage (20 for a mythic), making it lethal if you can dodge your opponents bullets while landing yours.


  • The slower rate of fire for the AK is because it has the highest damage of all ARs. Players who simply want longer range and higher damage should use the AK.
  • It is not recommended to “spray-and-pray” when using this weapon, as the shots will miss a target and can leave you vulnerable at times.
  • When trying to snipe a healing target, try to shoot one burst to surprise your target, the shots all together, if using a Mythic, it can deal 60 damage if all bullets hit. Healing enemies are likely to have less than 60 health, allowing this to be extremely effective. If your enemy has more than 60 health, therefore not dying from one burst, spam the burst but keep up your aim.
  • The AK won’t do as well at close range as other ARs, the bursts will make you significantly more vulnerable to Shotguns and Submachine Guns.
  • The AK is also less effective against multiple enemies, which is another disadvantage the bursts can give.
  • Timing the bursts is a smart idea, you can do this by trying to get enemies to run into the bursts.
  • The AK has excellent damage, but an overall lower DPS, so this won’t be effective against obstacles and can’t really take them out as fast as a SCAR or M4.
  • In the early game, a Uncommon AK, which spawns often will be able to deal 16 damage, which is the same as a Mythic SCAR. ROF is ok with AKs, and they have pretty good aim.
  • If you master the bursts for the AK, it can be a very overpowered and easy to find weapon.


  • It's appearance looks very similar to the real life AK-47.
  • The AK is a parody and has a slight match with the Burst Assault Rifle from Fortnite which shoots slower, however, it’s physical appearance resembles that of Fortnite’s Heavy Assault Rifle.
  • If you count this weapon to be "per burst" it is the slowest firing AR and the slowest of all machine guns.
  • Unlike its real life counterpart, it shoots in bursts, in real life, the AK does NOT shoot in bursts but instead a continuous stream.
  • This is the only medium-ammo weapon to have higher damage than melee.
    • The AK has the highest damage of all ARs, towering the SCAR and the longer range AR-15.
  • It is the only AR that have a mythic version of itself that isn't modified, for example, the AR-15 becoming the Silenced AR-15.