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50v50 is one of the limited time gamemodes in ZombsRoyale.io..

Info on 50v50[]

  • The server can only have 100 players with 50 on each team, the countdown will start once there are 20+ players on each team.
  • There are two different teams, Red and Blue, with 20-50 at the start on each team.
  • You cannot kill your teammates, any damage, including explosions, will go right through teammates.
  • Also, teammates jumping from the plane will have your team's color icon on the parachutes. Enemies will just be plain with no icon.
  • The color of the teams will surround the players.
  • Until down to the final one, players that get their health drained to 0 will be knocked down. Knocked players have 300 health, and with every passing second you will take 5 damage until someone revives you, or until you die. You can still be damaged when knocked down. (obviously).
  • Only your teammates' names are visible, the opposing side will not have visible names. (This is to prevent betrayal or trolling)


1.Please note not only there will be dangerous enemies but also teammates who are greedy and stubborn. Land far from them into a place with plenty of loot, if enemies locate to the same place as you, go away or land near a house where nobody is going to enter. Otherwise, if you don't want to take any risks, jump ONLY when there are at least two teammates with you.

2.Try to grab an RPG and a fast firing weapon with plenty of rockets to launch, then peek into a building to see if any large armies of enemies are in there (watch out if there are more than 20, you will die or fail to kill them if you do attack 20+ people). If they bundle up in a corner of a building, jump in and fire a rocket, if they don't die but take severe damage, use your fast firing weapon to finish them off. Make sure you have shields so you don't take much damage when raiding the army. Also have a few teammates for backup.

3.When knocking out someone, use a gun you do not use for fighting to make the knocked out person die faster or simply hurt them with your melee attacks. If a teammate of the knocked out person comes by, attack the teammate to prevent him/her from rescuing your kill. Having backup is recommended if more than one enemy shows up, your teammates can play as distractions while you finish your kill.

4.Revive deceased/knocked teammates, or if you see someone reviving an ally, cover them from any interference from enemies.

5.Shurikens, although not having the best range, can be useful for taking out multiple enemies when they come close to you. Use shotguns to deal with this as well.

6.Trate de conseguir un montón de compañeros de equipo para ayudarle. Esto aumentará sus posibilidades de sobrevivir. Si encuentras una pelea masiva, usa un RPG para volar a tus enemigos desde lejos, ya que puedes disparar a través de compañeros de equipo.


  • There is a similar mode with building blocks.
  • It is recommended for new users to play this mode, since protection is advised when new.
  • Previously, there was an orange team.
    • After Crystal Clash's first time expired, the team color was changed from orange to red.
  • Having squads is still available, they will obviously be on your team and have the same mechanics as in the normal Squads mode.
  • It is the first limited game mode, means that it will expire eventually.
  • This is the third game mode where you can see someone's name, and also the third where Knocked players make an appearance.